Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to knit a rug

I make and sell rug yarn that is spun over a cotton core for strength and durability.  100 yd approx bump will knit a rug approx 2ft x 3ft. It is very easy to knit a rug with this yarn - so here is a quick little pattern to help you get started.  Interested in purchasing the yarn ?  You will find it at my store HERE

Rug Yarn Bump - 100% alpaca over cotton core - dyed 
US#50 needles or larger 

- Cast on 20 stitches
- Knit one row
- *Slip first stitch (as if to purl with yarn in front), knit 19 stitches*
- Repeat * until you have either reached desired length or you have about 5 yards left
- Bind off loosely
- Weave in ends

Here is what the finished product looks like (note - these pics were taken before the rug was blocked or fringe added)

Stitch Detail

Finished rug before blocking

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Anonymous said...

Nice project! Thanks for posting.