Friday, June 10, 2011

Spin One Get One™

Just formed a new Facebook Group to bring Fiber Growers and Spinners together.  The Facebook group is called "Spin a pound get a pound™" The concept is simple. . .  bring fiber growers and spinners together. The concept is simple - if you have fleece/roving/top etc that you want spun - put out a post. A spinner who is interested should post or email you. You spin a pound for the grower and you keep the other pound for yourself.  Smaller or larger quantities is allowed.  Also - if you have raw fleece that needs prep and you are a grower - you may want to offer the spinner a little more.  It is an honor system, but I think it is a great idea!!    If you are a spinner - please post in the group as well that you are available!

Click HERE to join the group!

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