Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rumors, lies and innuendo

In light of a recent email I recently received disparaging a fellow alpaca owner, I thought it appropriate to get on my soapbox today.  Sorry in advance if I babble!

One of my most favorite quotes is "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer" - Machiavelli, read more and you will understand my thoughts.

As the economy spirals further down and people become more fearful and desperate; lies, rumors and innuendo about their competition become rampant.   It seems the biggest rumors are about those who are successful.  I guess you know you "made it" when you are the subject of other people's conversations.  I guess it is the same as why there are so many tabloid publications for the "stars" or the "rich and famous", so too is a tabloid for the alpaca industry.  It is disguised in comments and threads on Facebook, Alpacasite, the AN chat boards and other chat places around the internet.  Most alpaca people are smart enough to not come out and say a name directly, but others are not that smart and open themselves up for civil prosecution.   I for one am sick of hearing the same things about the same people.  I am sick about people calling me and telling me you know what I heard "so and so did"?  It is worse than high school.  And really I don't care! While I would want to know what is said about me - most people are not upfront enough to discuss that rumor mill with the person in question . . for fear of hurting a person's feelings.

I owned a consulting company for 15 years and NEVER did I see this type of behavior go on.  It is truly childish and immature!! Grow up people!  Get a life!  Focus on your fiber !!  Save the energy!

I will admit, I am very opinionated, but I don't hide that and I tell my prospective customers, if you don't like me - then don't buy an animal from me because we have a long road ahead of us.  Most people appreciate my honesty.  Most people come to me because of it and the comments/opinions of my blog and FB statuses.   I will not engage in the rumor mongering!

I want to leave you with one thought:  the next time you are speaking to someone and they start talking negatively about another breeder, ask yourself, what does this person say ABOUT ME behind my back to others?  If you follow that one piece of advice, and stop the conversation in it's tracks, you will save yourself a lot of aggravation.  I say this from experience!  I for one, will not play into the rumor mill or the recent email I received disparaging someone else.  I do not know that person personally so I will not judge him.  If I was REALLY interested (which I am not), I would call the person who was the subject of the email and ask for his side of the story.  But again - I am not that interested other than the fodder it gave me for today's post :)

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