Thursday, January 20, 2011

More John Stossel and Alpacas!!! 9pm and MidNight ET on FBN

Last week, I was contacted by John Stossel's producer to come back for a follow  up interview on John's "Political Promises Gone Wrong" segment that aired in December. He also asked me to bring an alpaca.   I really, really wanted to do the interview, however, due a medical condition, I was unable to travel into New York City at this time.  I was really bummed, but John and his producer asked the other woman who did the interview with me and she happily obliged armed with a PR animal in toe.

The Teaser Segment has been showing since yesterday morning and can be seen here.   The segment "The Curse of Good Intentions will air at 9pm ET and midnight ET on FBN (Fox Business News).   You can read about John's view of the segment here.

So now to a scathing comment (not about John, but about AOBA and this industry).  I just found out that AOBA who demanded equal air time, sent out a hush order to all AOBA members, and allowed fellow AOBA members to flame me on line, in chat rooms and in hallways CANCELED at the last minute!!!  So John has been called an idiot and a closeted bigot.  I have been called an idiot.  People have said they do not take tax breaks etc (they are lying or delusional is how I see it) - however AOBA's own literature TOUTS these tax breaks.  So, they demanded fair time and CANCELED at the last minute????

Please see my blog post about the tax benefits touted on AOBA's own site .

I have been positive and supportive for my entire time in the industry - but I say now to all you "little" breeders. . .  I think the time is now to see if AOBA truly has the correct leadership?  Has it for the last decade?  Do we need to overhaul our entire way of doing business, showing and the like?  I for one am SICK and tired of the infighting, back-stabbing, childish stupidity that has gone on especially since the economy faltered.  I got a lot of abuse for the Stossel interview which I would do ALL over again if given the chance.

I think both John and I NEED an apology from the IDIOTS that flamed us and from the AOBA board for trying to hush us and now not even following through on speaking with John when they thought the original piece was SO detrimental.  Remember John made time for AOBA when AOBA demanded it. 

People - grow up, get a set of balls, and treat this as a real industry and not some hobby organization.

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