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Letter from AOBA Dec 16, 2010 - MORE CRAP

Here is the email (copied in it's ENTIRETY) that all AOBA members received on Dec 16, 2010 prior to the original segment airing.   So basically, we were told to "shut up" and forward any responses to AOBA so that AOBA can send a "unified" message.  What a bunch of crap.  I encourage you all to send email to or call the AOBA offices and voice your concerns.  Including the members of the BOD that let us down.  I ask again - WHY ARE WE PAYING a media/PR consultant - what is she doing for us?  The  literature is outdated,  the website is outdated, there is a Fiber Resource book still for sale from 2005. . . TIME for a CHANGE people!!!!

How do we do it ?? I want to know your opinins!

Here is a list of contact info at AOBA. 

Media Consultants info :
Cindy Berman
Phone: 615-834-4195

 Fox News - Alpaca Story

John Stossel of Fox News has produced a segment that will air Friday, December 17th on the Fox News Channel. The segment has a finite focus of tax breaks that Mr. Stossel feels are wasteful and frivolous in nature. One of the top ten tax breaks Mr. Stossel will feature are tax breaks available to owners of alpacas.

AOBA was contacted by John Stossel's staff and asked to provide information and contacts prior to this segment being filmed. The contacts and information that AOBA provided were not used in this segment. As Mr. Stossel is known for sensationalism and not journalism, the end result of this report will cast a somewhat negative light on the alpaca industry and the American Livestock Industry as a whole. While alpacas have been singled out for this report, it is important to note that alpaca breeders receive no special treatment with regard to business tax advantages for livestock owners and producers.

AOBA is asking that all alpaca breeders, regardless of affiliation with AOBA forward any media inquiries to Cindy Berman, Public Relations Consultant for AOBA or the AOBA office. It is important that our industry maintain a consistent and measured message with the media in light of this attack by Mr. Stossel and Fox News.

While the theme of the segment is unfortunate, the publicity will drive many people to seek more information about alpacas. This does afford alpaca breeders a rare opportunity for national exposure. Breeders are encouraged to use this opportunity to talk about the business of the alpaca industry, which does include certain tax advantages. We encourage breeders to have a business conversation with buyers and assure any prospective breeder that the alpaca is treated equally to other livestock choices within the tax code.

Please forward any media questions to Cindy Berman, , (216) 952- 7510 or the AOBA Office (615) 834-4195.

Thank you,
The AOBA Board of Directors


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