Monday, January 10, 2011

Losing the Matriarch of Alma Park - A Tribute

Pepper was one of the first alpacas I purchased and she remained a foundation girl up until the day we retired her (at 19).  Only producing white females for me - she never had a need for extra attention, never had an issue with getting pregnant, staying pregnant, giving birth, IgG, or weaning her crias.  Her crias were born early in the morning and were up and nursing before we ever noticed.  She wasn't thrilled with human company, but never fussed when she needed to have herd health done.  Stoic and graceful til the end, she passed away in her sleep on New Year's Eve (at 22).  It was a heartbreaking end to 2010 for us, but she will always be remembered and her children, grandchildren, great grand children and great great grand children still live on here at Alma Park and she will never be forgotten. 

RIP Pepper - we will miss you always. 

Pepper 2004

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