Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Alpacas are mainstream and ALL over the place!!!

Alpacas were set to be  on the Martha Stewart Show (Sept 23) on the Hallmark Channel, so while we are waiting for that to debut, I thought you would enjoy watching some other places alpacas are today in the mainstream!!

Stanley Steamer: (goes to YouTube)

Know the Animal, Know the Stain
It was Awesome!
Lesson #1
Lesson #2
Lesson #3

America Express: (Tracks back to this blog's post and comments)

This is Priceless

On the Today Show With Jane Pauly:  (Tracks back to this blog's post and comments)

On the Tonight Show with Jay Leno: (Tracks back to this blog's post and comments)

Tractor Supply:  their in store magazine publication features Alpacas on the cover!!   Click here to read on line.  It takes the page a few minutes to load.  While thier average prices for animals are much higher than the market currently bears right now and the number of registered animals is greater than 120,000, the rest of the article is pretty good !!

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