Friday, September 24, 2010

David Letterman Has Spoken - #1 America Loves Dancing Alpacas!!

After the girl scouts from the Lehigh Valley, PA danced with their Alpacas on Letterman on 9/23/10 - this top 10 aired, "Top Ten Secrets Revealed In The New Bob Woodward Book".   The number 1 is around minute 1:29.    I know you are wondering why I am posting this on an alpaca blog - but wait for #1 !!!  David Letterman has spoken !!! 

The girls and their alpaca companions did great - but I wish the segment was a bit longer!  

Once the Video of the dancing alpacas is ready - I will post that as well.

(Added 9/25) Well I couldn't find the Letterman Clip - but here are the girls dancing with their Alpacas at the 2010 MAPACA Jubilee in Harrisburg PA.

(Added 9/28) Full Letterman Clip from YouTube

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