Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Alpacas on The Today Show With Jane Pauley (video link as well)

Cascade Alpacas of Oregon (the same folks featured on the American Express commercial) were featured on NBC's Today show with a segment co-branded with AARP (Your Life Calling) .  The segment spoke to how Alpacas can be a good choice for people with no livestock experience and the peaceful nature of the alpaca.  While I would have liked to see a tour of their farm store, the segment was a good overall piece and was in a postive light unlike some other jabs from shows in the past.  Since it aired in the 8 - 9 am timespot - it is huge exposure for the Alpaca Community and is another way for folks to get to learn about these wonderful animals.

I still think that we need to get the message out there about the fiber, not just the breeding end, so that people that are not already raising alpacas can see a viable end product and the start of a true fiber commodity.

I also would like to point out that alpacas are not just for retirees - they are for every age - I see many new people coming into the community that are young and that really excites me!

You can view the video  here 


meriweather28 said...

:) glad to read your thoughts. I certainly fit into the non-retiree alpaca owner category. You know I am excited to get my kids involved! In an age of xbox & wii, it is tuff to get kids motivated or excited about anything. I already have 3 knitter & crochet-er friends- all younger- who are excited to get their paws on fiber- after I told them how great it is. I knew it would be a while b4 I had any, so I told them about your store on ebay! ;)

Rose Mogerman said...

Thanks Meredith!! - I fit into the non-retiree category as well since I started with alpacas at 32 -- thanks for the reference to the store. . . actually my yarn is on :