Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spin a Pound, Get a Pound™ Inaugural Spin-Off March 2015

I know I am really late in posting this - but the entire month of April went by with me pretty much skirting fleece all day and finding little time for internet stuff that required any thought.

My group, Spin a Pound, Get a Pound™ had a spin-off competition in  March and the winners were chosen by group voting --- here is how I did :)

To see ALL of the yarns entered, go to the official page for the contest.

All of these yarns will be available for purchase except the "art yarn" skein.

The spinning batt is available (and in it's second batch of production), so you can click here or the link below the pic to go directly to that listing on my website.

The rest of the skeins will be available in a major Hand Spun Update on Monday May 25 (Memorial Day 2015) !!  I will post details then and most likely a coupon for ANY of the handspun in stock - so check back ....hint hint!!  There are lots of listings already on the hand spun page on my website, but there are some cool new ones coming including these.  Hope to see you there !

Entered into the "2 or 3 ply balanced" category - 6th place - this was a TOUGH category with 23 entries

Entered into the "Art Yarn" Category - 1st place - 18 entries

Entered in "Wild and Crazy Art Batt" category - 2nd place - 11 entries
I call this "A Little Birdie Told Me

Entered into the "Natural Colored Yarn" category - this is made from roving available in my shop - 2nd place - 15 entries

Entered into the "Navajo Ply" category - 3rd place - 14 entries 

Entered into the "Raw Fleece to Yarn" category - 18 entries --- I came in 15th :(  My worst showing ever in a competition 

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