Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wade Gease does an overview on skirting - Video

Are you brand new to fleece skirting?  Wondering where to start? Here is Wade Gease (AOBA certified alpaca halter and fleece judge) talking about the basics of skirting a fleece.  Now, this is JUST basics. . . . for sending to a co-op.  If you want to send to a mill to have yarn made, you will need to do more skirting and then sorting and grading.  For show fleeces, there is a more delicate procedure, but for those who have never skirted, this is a great way to start!!

If you are looking to learn how to skirt, sort, grade etc - please contact us for more info.  We also can help with show fleeces. 

Video - Skirting - Part 1

Video - Skirting - Part 2

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