Friday, April 8, 2011

AOBA Video/on CNBC

So here is the CNBC video link I promised to share with you weeks ago.   AOBA touted this as a GREAT promotional piece and a board member WAS available for this one and able to FLY out to California to join, but one was not available for Stossel when it was approx an hour dry away OR an hour dry into the city for the rebuttal piece.  I find it amazing!

Anyway - while "cheerier" and "lighter" than the Stossel piece, it still talks about tax breaks, a "cottage industry" and questions the business plan or sustainability of the industry.  Not much different than the questions Stossel asked in my opinion anyway.

I think the alpaca breeder, Cindy, in the piece did great in continuing to mention it is about the fiber.  But the guests on the show as well as the promo for it was not so positive and not unlike John Stossel and Fox.

Maria Bartiromo  introduced the piece saying this:
"Government wants you in the alpaca business pretty extraordinary tax benefits if you join the herd"
The title for the spot is: 
"The Fleecing of America"
 Other guest on the finance show asked:
 "Is it the best use of the tax code" and are they (meaning alpaca breeders)
"Fleecing tax payers "

So should AOBA have promoted this and not the Stossel piece? Should someone from AOBA been to the Stossel spot (especially) when it was filmed in their own backyards?  YOU DECIDE!  Here is the link to the piece. 

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