Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Exclusively from Alma Park Alpacas - Genuine Aymara ™ products

Aymara (noun) pronounced \ˌī-mə-ˈrä\ is the people and/or languange of the native Indiana of Bolivia, Peru, and northern Chile. The word "alpaca" actually comes from Aymara language whereas the other camelid species is from the native Quecha tribes.

Genuine Aymara ™ is Trademarked by Alma Park Alpacas to distinguish it from other alpaca products on the market. There will be 3 grades of Genuine Aymara ™.

  • Royal Baby - alpaca products made from alpaca fiber under 20 microns
  • Baby - alpaca products made from alpaca fiber 20-22.9 microns
  • Superfine - alpaca products made from alpaca fiber 23-26 microns

Genuine Aymara ™ is prepared under certain quality control techniques that are currently being refined after going through initial development. Anyone wishing to use this trademark in the future must contact Alma Park and be licensed to do so once the quality control of growing and preparing are examined.

Any questions can be directed to Rose at Alma Park. Contact info can be found at

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