Friday, July 30, 2010

New Book - A Sneak Peak - "A Mama for Mr. Frost"

My new book. This book is due out the first week of September 2010 - just in time for NAFD. I If you would like a copy when it is ready - please let me know . Wholesale also available for alpaca/llama farms - email for info. I will be setting the price within the week with my publisher. Will be under $20 - I am hoping for around $15.  Contact us for more info or for advance ordering.  Contact info at the top of the right column of this blog. 

This story is based on the life of my alpaca Mr. Frost who was our first and only bottle baby in 8 years. He is almost 3 years old today and still holds my heart in his hand (or is that paw. . hoof?)

Heartwarming childrens book that adults will love as well. Fully illustrated.

Sneak Peak:
"On a cold September morning, I was taking my daily hike through the woods that surround our farm. It was a walk I had taken many, many times since we started our Alpaca farm. The trees started to display their beautiful colorful fall wardrobes and the leaves that only days ago were green had turned wonderful shades of golden, red and brown and blanketed the forest floor. I smiled as I looked forward to the cool crisp beauty of the fall season, my most favorite time of year. But as I walked, I had no idea that this rather ordinary day would turn out to be quite extraordinary!"

Sneak Peak of one illustration within the book. 

Pictures and text Copyright 2010 Rose Mogerman & Alma Park Alpacas

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