Thursday, August 20, 2009

So much to do!

I have been busily crafting away on my soaps and knitted/crocheted products to get ready for the holiday season!! There never seems to be enough time between online updates, listing products at my store and etsy and eBay, not to mention Twitter, and Facebook and not to mention taking care of the animals (feed, poop clean up, herd health) training with Camelidynamics. Whew - I am tired just typing it all!!!

On top of all this - I am now helping even more people train their animals, helping Marty with basic clinics, and showing !

I recently returned from another advanced clinic in Oregon with Marty and have just a few items to go in order to be a full fledged Practitioner. This should be all done by mid-September. I will now be able to host small groups to help them train llamas/alpacas with respect and kindness! I am very excited!

I will be planning a group session at my farm after Open Farm days - so if you are interested - please let me know!!

Thats all for now - I have much crafting to do !

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