Thursday, July 30, 2009

Saving Money Around the Farm in Tough Economic Times

We all hear the news on the TV. It has been tough all over and everyone is looking to save a few bucks. Even though it was recently announced that the "recession is over", these money saving strategies should help any livestock breeder not just Alpaca breeders.

  1. Don't through hay on the ground, it gets stepped on and rained on - use a hay feeder like the one here in this post. My husband makes and sells these. The hay is protected from pouring driving rain and it is off the ground. It also saves me time as I fill it twice a day rather than always looking to see if they need hay.
  2. Learn to "think outside of the box". Bartering is a great way to get services you need for little to no out of pocket expenses. Barter with other alpaca breeders, barter with other professionals etc.
  3. Look at your expenses - do you pay an accountant? A web designer? A photographer? A marketing firm? If you do - look into potentially taking over one of these tasks yourself. Perhaps you can do your own bookkeeping or your own cria pics?
  4. Look for ways to pool resources with other breeders. Although we cannot cut back on feed - it is possible to bargain at the local feed store to get a discount for buying larger quantities. Partner up to see what discounts you can get.
  5. Do you pay to have your vet do IgGs, Fecals, blood draws for DNA cards, teeth trimming or routine shots? Learn to do them yourself and save a fortune especially when your herd continues to grow in numbers.

I will keep thinking of other ideas - if you have a suggestion or question - please post or email me !!!

Remember folks, the recession may be over - but these tips will add to the bottom line even in good times !!

As my dad would say - trim the fat and have more for a rainy day!

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