Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Alpaca Market and the Economy

I am sitting here (at midnight) reading the financial news after watching CNBC in the barn for part of the day . . .it is a crazy time for America. Banks failing, bailout plans and possibly a recession not seen in my generations lifetime.

My stocks are down, my real estate is devalued and I see small alpaca farms bailing out of the industry. Here is my take on it all . . . alpacas are valuable investments. They reproduce other valuable investments that can be sold or traded. They produce the most wonderful fiber that is such a pleasure to spin into yarn and then knit, weave or crochet.

Coming into a major election and the holiday season, the trends I see are that people are nesting. . .and they are continuing to purchase yarn and other alpaca items. I am selling more items then I did at this time last year even in this atmosphere of uncertainty.

So my advice to all is to ride it out, and look for other ways to add value to your business. Work with the fiber, buy yarn and other products from the co-op and resell it and above all keep advertising.

I am more positive than ever about the alpaca industry and will continue to help promote and educate about the "finest livestock investment" in the world. I love these funny little creatures!!

Btw - I am working on my economics masters and from all the signs 3 years ago in the financial and housing markets this was bound to happen and will be healthier for the country and economy in the long run.

Nite Nite --- sweet dreams!


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